There are many writing and art prompts on the internet, but sometimes they feel too specific, weird, or formulaic.

Prompted is a free prompt generator inspired by the 48 Hour Film Project and NYC Midnight writing challenges. Each competition invites creators to develop a project based on a set of given prompts.

If you look at the short films, screenplays, and short fiction that come out of the challenges, you can see that a simple set of categorical prompts fuels a wide variety of stories and points of view.

Since Prompted is not a contest, you are free to use as many or as few of the categories as you like. If you need more suggestions, simply click the "Generate Another" button and get more.

You can use the prompts for warmups, brainstorming, experiments or big projects. It's up to you. The prompts are designed to draw out what your awesome and imaginative brain is holding inside.

Prompted was created by Nathania Johnson. You can find her on Twitter at @nlj.

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